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Provisional Agenda

  • Oct. 28Arrival and Registration
  • Oct. 29Opening,Symposium
  • Oct. 30Symposium,Closing
  • Oct. 30Departure


The tropical diseases are a group of infectious diseases which primarily affect the poorest sectors of a society in tropical and subtropical areas especially the populations living in remotes and disadvantage regions in the developing countries. More than one billion people in the world suffer from neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), but these diseases are characterized by little attention from policy-maker, lack of priority within health strategy, inadequate research, limited resources allocation and few interventions, in which cestode zoonoses are just the examples. In comparison with other NTDs such as schistosomiasis and malaria, cestode zoonoses are emerging, re-emerging or spreading but still far neglected infectious diseases and do cause serious public health problems in the Asia and the Pacific region. It is urgent to apply...